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Stop making calls.

Stop making calls.

Geo-farming residential data tools for business!  Including, Solar, Insurance Agents, Roofing Companies, Charities, Politicians, Real Estate, Home Services and more!

Use Filters to find precisely the homeowners

Filter your search to find absentee owners, by the length of ownership, property value,
or look for just single or multi-families.

Get Neighborhood Search Contact Data Includes our CRM and Optional Dialing System
to make calling easy.

Whether you are looking to canvas a neighborhood, find neighbors near a listing or project, or you just want to update your database with fresh, updated phone numbers, we have the best tool to get you the best leads. Use our advanced filtering system to search for only the properties you want to reach.  All in one simple to use platform with a great CRM and optional dialer to track and call these leads.

  • Locate Your Ideal Prospects

    Quickly and easily look up residential contact data for any property or neighborhood.

  • Update Your Current Database

    Keep your database up to date. Fill in gaps.  Are you missing phone #s in your database? Upload your data and recharge your prospecting capabilities.

$99 monthly.

Cloud-based, built In CRM & optional Powerful Dialer
Turbo enhanced numbers with verified emails for an additional charge.

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7 Day Trial Offer:

Includes our Cloud-based, built In CRM & Optional Powerful Dialer

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A perfect solution for


Neighborhood, zip, and more

Mail Campaigns

For Just Listed/Just Sold

Open House



Residential data

How It Works


  1. Three ways to look up and cross-check your data
    • Draw a Zipcode Radius
    • Radius Out From A Specific Address
    • Draw a specific sub-division or area on a map
  2. Type in an address, select the filters you need and have Owner Phone numbers that you cannot get anywhere else.
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You can fill in all the holes in your existing database.  Are you missing phone #s in your database? Upload your data and let us help you stay up to date.


You can work and target very exact geographic areas, and filter to find the people you are looking for!

real estate farming

Feature Rich

Easily contact the right people for marketing campaigns, fundraising, or neighborhood farming.

Premium Tested, Validated Data

Cloud based, built In CRM & Optional Powerful Dialer to make your life easier, and to help organize and automate your prospecting

Phone numbers on the National Do Not Call list are labeled DNC

Have a lot of conversations just calling 20 numbers!
Try it today and see!